Festival črk - tiporenesansa
presents: Festival črk - tiporenesansa

2nd Festival of Letters

with diverse workshops, lectures, a movie, an exhibition and spectacular rolledover poster printing. Welcome!

Festival črk - tiporenesansa 1st Festival of Letters

Printing house

The axle of the Festival is a reconstruction of a 50-year-old printing house. Its central part is represented by two cabinets, filled with lead and wood type. The smallest wood type is just 4 points big and can be broken by the slightest pressure, while the largest type is made of wood. These 9 cm type were used by the typesetter to design posters. There are numerous other instruments and tools included in the cabinets. Their function will be explained by a master of typesetting.


In order to be able to try out the knowledge they gathered through the workshops of the Festival, we also need printing presses. There are two printing presses available. The larger one is Swiss made and was used by typesetters to make best-prints. During the workshops, we will use it to print Ljubilejnik, a text, constructed from lead type and embellished by a hand-chiseled initial and woodcuts.


The smaller, table-top printing press is a true printing gem. This machine, weighing just a few kilos, was manufactured in England and is an instant hit with all children. Because of it small size it is suitable for printing visit cards. This is exactly the purpose we will use it for in the workshops: we will print visit cards and bookmarks.


The printing house is open for visitors on:

Monday (10 am - 4 pm)

Friday (10 am - 8pm)

Saturday (10 am - 2 pm)

Sunday (10 am - 1 pm)